Saturday, September 11, 2010

Spotlight Saturday

Between the Lines

First, I'd like to thank Lily from Never Fading Wood for spotlighting me this week. She has a wonderful blog that when you read it, you instantly realize how well educated, and yet readable her writing is. She reviews books that you have no idea ever existed. She tells us all kinds of library secrets. But it's her thoughts that draw me in the most. She makes you think, without making your brain hurt.

But I'm not spotlighting Lily this week.

This week, I am SPOTLIGHTING Katlupe from Homesteading on the Internet This is another of my favorite blogs. This blog is both artistic and informative. The photographs are genuinely beautiful. Kat's thoughts are both introspective and informative. Kat sees things that we all should be seeing, but don't because we are too busy. I hope you will visit her blog soon. You'll mark her as a favorite once you do.


katlupe said...

Mary! I wish I could really hug you for such kind words! I work so hard at this life, and it makes me feel so blessed to have anyone else really take notice of me and my writing. I know people have always said they like what I write, but what you have said, really touches me. Thank you so much!

Mary Bennett said...

Just saying the truth!!! (((HUGS!)))


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