Friday, September 3, 2010

Because I can't seem to blog enough today ...

Are you interested at all in who you descended from? Do you know all about your family history, or is there more for you to learn? Well if you would like to learn more, but the price has put you off, is free for this Labor Day Weekend. Don't miss your chance!

And we'll just hope that Hurricane Earl keeps degrading to a tropical depression instead of a Hurricane or Tropical Storm!!!


Doreen McGettigan said...

I am in love with your blog. I just stared at that lake up there for like 5 minutes.
Thank you for your comment on my blog and no one is sorrier than I that the story is true..but it is.
We are part of a very sad club. I hope you have piles of happy memories to get you through your sad moments. I am just getting to a point where I can appreciate the life and the memories. I hope you will stop by often and I will do the same.
Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!
Go away Earl!

Lori said...

I love genealogy, I started my research in 2004 and I'm only in the yar 1840, but searching in Poland, Germany, and Russia is difficult even with which I've been using since I started. What year are you in? It's so time consuming so I've really let it take a back seat for a while now.

Mary Bennett said...

Thank-you for your kind comments Doreen! My brother died exactly a month before his 18th' birthday. He's now been dead longer than he ever was alive. Not a lot of years for memory. Half my kids never met him.
The lake on my blog was his favorite place to walk. He was at a party with his friends there, about a month before he died. And when he was younger and I babysat him, I took him there quite often to walk. It is beautiful!

Mary Bennett said...

Lori, I've backed away for awhile too becuase it does eat up your time. I have found out a lot about my father's family, that I never knew. For instance, I knew that they were Mennonites from Pennsylvania that moved to Canada. But I didn't know when, or why. I now know that it was for more than just land, but to bring the Mennonite sect to the Niagra section of Canada. My family is also the joining of two very prminent Mennonite families, and my great (great great etc) grandfather was the first Preacher, the church was named after my family until the 1950's, and another grandfather was a very prominent and renown preacher Valentine Kratz.
My Moyer family I've traced from Canada, to Pennsylvania, to Germany to Switzerland. I am in the late 1600's, and I think I'm done. The information is pretty well non-existant. I don't know if I was even in Europe if it would help. It's just soo long ago.


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