Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Deadly Gift by Heather Graham

Labor Day weekend is over, and summer has about two weeks left to run before the coming of my favorite season, Autumn. It's time to get out the sweaters and jackets again, and before long, it will be time for the heavy duty clothes.

Now is the time to start piling up some really good reads for the darkening, more chilly days.

Deadly Gift is a book that I really recommend, but since it takes place in December, if you are a "season reader" you might want to buy this book now and stash it away for December.

Now, how do I tell you enough about this book so that you will want to read it, but not enough about this book that you know so much that you don't need to read it?


Let's start with Eddie, he took one of the company boats out. The boat was found, anchored. Eddie was no where to be found.

Let's add to the mix Sean. He's old, and he's worked hard all of his life. He has money. And a young trophy wife. His daughter Kat is sure that Amanda only married her Dad for his money. Until Sean becomes deathly ill on a flight from NY to Ireland. Then Kat is sure that Amanda is ready to kill her father for his money.

Add an old Irish aunt that lives with Sean, Amanda and Kat in Rhode Island and believes in banshees, an Irish nurse who isn't being quite honest about her duties toward Sean, a suspicious PI family friend named Zach, a mysterious man named Michael, partnerships and betrayals that you would never expect and you have a real page turner!

Have I convinced you?

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