Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spotlight Saturday 9-25-10

Spotlight Saturday is when I pick out one of my favorite blogs to read. This week, I pick the blog "Ask Sister Mary Martha." If you have any questions that you'd like to have answered from a Catholic point of view, this is the place to go. Nothing is off limits, and although Sister Mary Martha isn't cruel, she doesn't pull any punches either.
Don't let the fact that you are not a Catholic or even a lapsed Catholic keep you away.
Want to check out more Spotlighted blogs? Follow this link:


Sister Mary Martha said...

Thanks for the plug!

Cindy said...

Hi, I'm a new follower.

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Mary Bennett said...

Welcome Cindy! Thank-you for joining my followers! If you scrooolll down to the free earring give away and leave a post there, you have a chance to win a pair of diamond(look) earrings. Deadline is 9-30!

Mary Bennett said...

Sister Mary Martha, you are one of my favs!! Join Blog Frog, please!!! I'll be one of your buddies there, I promise!


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